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Professional reporting system

Increase your business efficiency with our detailed evaluations! At BTH Business Travel Hamburg, we pride ourselves on offering detailed evaluations that can significantly increase your business success. Our informative reports and individual evaluations always provide you with up-to-date key figures and target values that make your employees’ travel activity transparent.The comprehensive evaluations allow you to quickly identify potential for cost reduction and process optimization in your business travel activities. This enables you to manage your resources and budgets in a targeted manner for maximum efficiency gains.

Our expertise also extends to supporting you as a consultant and mentor. Together we develop strategies to consistently align your purchasing policy with your individual sales data. This will not only make your business trips more efficient, but also more sustainable and future-oriented.Put your trust in our many years of experience and let us work together on your business success. Contact us now and take advantage of our detailed evaluations for sustainable growth and optimal business travel!

Evaluations for optimal business trip planning

Enrich your business trips with our informative reports and individual evaluations